Monday, July 4, 2011

Not Worthy of HIS Grace!!!

Welcome friends to our family's new blog!!!  With our first post we just wanted to really thank the Lord for the amazing gift of our beautiful daughter Thandeka Grace!  She is just over 4 months old now and she has been a huge blessing in our lives!

We are so incredibly thankful that she is doing well & healthy!  We were so happy to spend our past couple of months in the USA.  One of our favorite things that happened was to dedicate her to the Lord @ our home church, Kenmore Alliance. 

Thandeka Grace is a such a beautiful gift to us from the Lord, and one we are not worthy of!!!  She belongs to HIM and we are happy to have the responsibility of raising her.  Her first name "Thandeka," means "loved one," or from her perspective "I am loved."  In 2004, when I first travelled to Swaziland and heard that Swazi name, the Lord really impressed on my heart that if I were to have a daughter I should name her "Thandeka."   As her name declares, we want Thandeka to grow up always knowing that she is loved by her parents, but more importantly, by her Abba Father in heaven!  Our prayer for Thandeka is that she would grow up in God's love, knowing Him personally at an early age, AND then that God would use her life to reflect Him & His love to the world!   

As we head back to Swaziland for another season of ministry, would you please support us with your prayers?  Please pray for Zwakele & I as we are new parents.  We need tons of grace & wisdom!  Please also pray for us that our family would be close to the Lord Jesus and follow His direction for our lives & ministry. 

That's it for now.  Thank you so much for your love & support to us!  We wouldn't be able to serve in Swaziland without you all!  God bless you! 

Dennis, Zwakele, & Thandeka Grace 

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  1. I am loving reading your new blog and looking forward to seeing you guys in January, especially getting to spend more time with Thandeka Grace. ;)

    Bless you all in your new ministry adventures!
    Elysa "Thandeka Lom Khulu" Mac