Thursday, June 28, 2012

Up Up Up the Tea Road

Fridays afternoons & Saturdays around the SLC are more of an open time for the children.  We like to use this time to take the children out on excursions.  Usually we head out somewhere in the beautiful Swazi countryside.  On the 16th of June I took a group of 6 young men and we headed for "The Tea Road."      

Starting in the Ezulwini Valley, The Tea Road winds its way to the top of the Mdzimba Mountains, the traditional burial place of the Kings of Swaziland.  It's a bumpy and dusty ride up the mountain, and there is some interesting architecture along the way... 

But once you reach the top you are greeted with some stunning views.

We hike around, have lunch, do a bible lesson, and have fun!  It's a great time!  It is essential to get the children out and see this beautiful country they live in.  And as guys It's good to get away and have time together.  Doing these excursions has been a particularly favorite time for me.   

Part of the goal is just to spend intentional time with each other,  to disciple these guys and speak the purposes of God into their life.  Another long term goal is to get the children to see the world that exists beyond themselves.   Eventually we will transition to also be serving others in the community. 

We want to see these young men, who faced so much adversity at the beginning of their lives, grown up in the Love of God.  Knowing Him powerfully, and being used by Him to change their world.  

It's an honor and a privilege to be used of God to speak into these precious kids lives.  I am so happy to be on this journey with them.  Please pray that God would continue to give me His wisdom, love, and power to do the work He calls me to.  A continued huge "Thank You" to KAC and the rest of our friends and family for helping us to live out this vision!     


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